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What is Agniastra

Fire power natural pesticide-cum-fungicide for internal pests.

Effective For: Root / Pod borer pests that are inside the plants.

Preparation of Agniastra for 1 Acre.


  1. 20 Liter Desi Cow Urine
  2. 2 Kg Neem leaves paste
  3. 500 Gm Tobacco powder
  4. 500 Gm Green chilli paste
  5. 250 Gm Garlic paste


  • Mix it well clockwise and close it with a lid.
  • Boil liquid for Four (4) boils and then allow it to cool with lid on.
  • Mix / Stir it for 1 minute twice a day until 48hours.
  • Filter it with cloth and use it.

Shelf Life:
This Agniastra is effective for 3 months.

Mix 200 Liter water with 6 Liter Agniastra and spray it for both root borer pests.

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