What is Amrit pani:

Amrit pani is a Instant soil fertility enhancer.

It can also be used for seed treatment.


  1. Water-200 liters
  2. Cow dung -10 kg
  3. Honey or jaggery -500 grams
  4. Desi cow Ghee/Mustard oil -250 grams/ml


  • Cow ghee is thoroughly mixed with cow dung and honey or jaggery
  • It is diluted with 200 liters of water
  • Stored in a container/drum
  • It should be stirred twice a day for a week.


  1. For seed treatment use 20 parts Amrit Pani solution and 80 parts water.Seed or seedling treatment with Amrit pani can be done for better germination and management of soil born diseases.
  2. To increase Soil fertility 200 litres of Amrit Pani should be used per acre along irrigation water
Amrit pani
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