Amudham Solution

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What is Amudham solution:

Amudham solution acts as a catalyst for plant growth.

This solution helps growth of leaves directly. It also repels insects.


  • 1 liter cattle urine
  • 1 kg Desi Cow dung
  • 250 grams Jaggery in 10 liters water/waste Fruits
  • 10 Liter’s of Water


  • Mix the cow dung thoroughly in water.
  • Add cow urine and mix well.
  • Powder the Jaggery add to the above
  • Mix well & make sure that are no lumps and cover and set aside the mixture for 24 hours.
  • If it is waste fruit then tie it in a nylon bag and immerse it in gaumutra solution (cow urine), soak it for five days for fermentation. Dilute it with 10 water which is 10 times the solution that is 60-100 liters


  • Add one liter of this solution to ten liters water (for a 10% solution) and spray. You must make sure to dilute the solution or else the leaves will get scorched.

Concentrated Amudham Solution

What is concentrated Amudham solution :

Concentrated Amudham solution reduces the quantity of raw material and work required .

This helps us avoid the usage of jaggery, which is an external input.


  • 5 liters cattle urine
  • 1 kg cow dung,
  • 1 liter juice of any waste fruit.


Mix the cow dung thoroughly in urine and add fruit juice and mix well. Set aside the mixture for five days.


This can only be used for irrigation and not for spraying.Use 20-30 liters per acre of this solution.This solution gives excellent growth.

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