Narayana Reddy

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Late Narayana Reddy was a farmer based out of Doddaballapura,Karnataka. He started Agriculture in Varthur. Late Naryana Reddy started farming using chemical fertilizers, nutrients etc., … Read More »Narayana Reddy


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What is Jeevamrutha Jeevamrutha is an organic FertilizerJeevamrutha increase Nitrogen and Fertility in the Soil. Ingredients Required 1. 200 Liter Water 2. 1 kg Jaggery… Read More »Jeevamrutha


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What is BrahmastraBrahmastra is a natrual insecticide / pesticide Ingredients 20 Liter Cow Urine 2 Kg Neem Leaves and Stems 2 Kg Castor Leaves and… Read More »Brahmastra


Azolla  is a Miraculous fern for nitrogen fixation & sustainable cattle feed Azolla is a free floating fern and can be grown in ponds, pits,… Read More »Azolla