Boundary Wall for Farm

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Boundary Wall Design Model 1


Leave 1.5 feet from neighbor farm land
Prepare Soil Bud Size 3 Feet wide

Put Gliricidia Plant at the edge of the soil bund which is towards neighbor farm.

It used as cut and carry forage for cattle, sheep, and goats. Its high protein content allows it to complement low-quality tropical forages. In some cases it is the only source of feed during the dry season.

Distance between each plants in 1 feet. Tie each plant with bamboo stick. This whole process acts as Boundary wall for your farm land.
Keep top surface bud free.


The other side of the soil bud which is towards your farm
Select  Plant which give food or fodder for goat/sheep/cows

Hebbevu (Melia dubia)(Tamil Name: Malai Vembu) is a plant which will give good fodder for Sheep & Goat. Distance between each plant should be 6feet. 10 plants fodder sufficient for 1 goat.

The Farm Land Border area Total of 109 trees can be put in one acre at 6 feet distance.

Leave 5 feet to 8 feet Gap. Which is meant for transportation of material inside the farm land.  This should be there for entire farm layout.


After space between 5 to 8 feet from Second Row.
Select season wise fruit yielding trees for your land.

Coconut / Red Teak/ Agar/ Jambu /Litchi / beatlenut /butter fruit /coffee /halasu /star fruit /Cherry /anjur /pannerale, appemidi / Banana plants etc.,

Inside the Farm

Put lemon /avacado/ mango/ chickoo /guava/ nugge /pomogranate
What to grow in the field after selecting the above Trees
In between these plants cultivate dicrop

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