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What is Brahmastra
Brahmastra is a natrual insecticide / pesticide


  1. 20 Liter Cow Urine
  2. 2 Kg Neem Leaves and Stems
  3. 2 Kg Castor Leaves and Stems
  4. 2 Kg Mango Leaves and Stems
  5. 2 Kg Indian Beech Leaves and Stems

Time to Preparation
Morning / Evening

How to Prepare

  1. Make Paste of Individual Leaves and Stems
  2. Keep it separately
  3. Put all these in a Big Vessel
  4. Mix all the components. Stir clockwise.
  5. Keep this Big Vessel for Cooking
  6. Four (4) Full Boiling
  7. Leave it for cooling for 48 hours
  8. Shaded Place. Not expose to Sunlight / Rain.
  9. Cover with Cloth
  10. Filter with Cloth and Put In a Bottle or Can

After 48 hours ready for usage.

Quality / Shelf Life
Maximum 6 months

200 Liter Water with 6 Liter Brahmastra Liquid.

Pest Control
Brahmastra Control Bigger Caterpillar and Bigger Pests.

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