Organic Fertilizer


What is Amrit pani: Amrit pani is a Instant soil fertility enhancer. It can also be used for seed treatment. Ingredients: Honey Desi ghee Water… Read More »AMRIT PANI

Nadev Compost

  Sri Narain Deo Rao Pandhari Pandey, resident of Village-Pusad, District- Yavatmal, Maharashtra has developed this method. In this method, a brick structure is prepared… Read More »Nadev Compost


Bheejamrutha Bheejamrutha is prepared for Seed Treatment. This Process is Purification / Shuddhikaranam / Bheejasanskara of the Seed. Why Bheejamrutha? Seeds get Fungus coated that… Read More »Bheejamrutham