Organic Nutrient


What is Sanjivak: Sanjivak is a organic nutrient used for enriching the soil with microorganisms and quick residue decomposition. Ingredients: Water Jaggery Cow dung Cow… Read More »Sanjivak

Fruit Gaudi

What is Fruit Gaudi We prepare and use fruit gaudi for enriching soil health and improving the population of microbes and beneficial fungi using fruit… Read More »Fruit Gaudi


What is Panchakaya: This is a solution that has five products from cowu2019s milk, curds, ghee, dung and urine.u00a0 This solution helps increase the population… Read More »Panchakavya


Earth Worm for Soil Fertility Physical side of the earthworm action The role that earthworms play in soil conditioning and fertility is underrated. The contributions… Read More »Earthworm