Critical period of weed control

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  • The weeds needs to be periodically removed in any land which is used for agriculture purpose.
  • This period has been defined as an interval in the life cycle of the crop when a must be kept weed free to prevent yield loss.
  • Horticulture crops are very sensitive to weed competition and need to kept weed free from planting emergence or bud break until the end of their critical weed free period.
  • If the crop is kept weed free for the critical period no yield reduction.
  • Again, weeds emerging after the critical weed free period will not affect yield but control efforts after this time may make harvest more efficient or reduce weed problems in subsequent years in perennial crops


                         Critical Weed free Period for Horticultural Crops


    Critical Weed-free Period

Apples, new plantings

During May and June

Apples, bearing

Budbreak until 30 days after bloom


2-4 weeks after emergence

Cabbage, early

3 weeks after planting


3-6 weeks after emergence

Cucumbers, pickling

4 weeks after seeding


3 weeks after planting


The whole season


4 weeks after planting


Early plantings compete better

Strawberries, new

During May and June

Tomatoes, fresh

36 days after transplanting

Tomatoes, seeded

9 weeks after seeding

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