Dashaparni Kashayam

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What is Dashaparni Kashayam

Dashaparni is Natural Insecticide

200ltr Water
20ltr Desi Cow Urine
2kg Desi Cow Dung
200 gm Turmeric Powder
500gm Ginger Paste
10gm Hing powder from solid.
1 kg Tobacco powder.
1kg Hot Green chilli Paste
500gm Desi Garlic Paste
2kg Neem leaves and twigs cut into smaller pieces.
2kg Karanj / Ponga leaves (Not paste)
2kg Custard Apple Leaves (Not Paste)
2kg Castor Leaves (Not Paste)
2kg Dhatura leaves (Not Paste)
2kg Vilvam Leaves (Not Paste)
2kg Krishna Thulasi stem, leaves, seeds. cut into small pieces.
2kg Marigold root, branch, stem, flower, leaves. cut into small pieces.
2kg Erukam leaves
2kg Ganneru leaves.
2kg Mango leaves
2kg Papaya leaves.
2kg Hibiscus leaves
2kg Murungai leaves.
2kg Elandha pazham leaves
2kg Babul tree with stem. and leaves.
2kg Turmeric leaves cut into pieces.
2kg Ginger leaves cut into pieces..
2kg Coffee leaves cut into pieces. OR
2kg Bouganville leaves with flowers cut into pieces.
2kg Casia tora leaves and flowers.
2kg Pomogranate leaves.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, so that everything dissolves well in the water. Should not add tobacco powder here.
Cover it with a rug and leave it overnight.
Next morning
Add 1 kg Tobacco powder.
1kg Hot Green chilli Paste
500gm Desi Garlic Paste and mix it well. and leave it covered for 24hrs.
Next morning.
Take any 10 leaves from the above 23 leaves. out of which first 5 leaves are important.
Mix these leaves in the earlier liquid and immerse them and mix them well and cover it with lid and store it for 40 days in dark and dry place. Mix it for 1 min every day during dawn and dusk.

After 40 days
Filter it with cloth and use it to spray.

Shelf Life:
Expiry date: 6 months.

Mix 200ltr water + 6ltr Dasaparni Kashayam.

This is one Kashayam is enough to control all the pests, weeds and even diseases, fungus.

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