Enriched Microorganisms Bokashi

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What is Bokashi

  • Bokashi is a type of compost prepared by fermentation of waste organic matter with the help of EM.
  • Bokashi is mainly used for improving the fertility status of soil and for enhancing the degradation of crop residue.


  • Enriched Microorganisms(will be available in shops)
  • sufficient quantity of different organic matter (such as rice bran, fish meal, animal waste etc) equivalent to 150 liter drum volume.
  • 150 grams jaggary
  • water


  • Collect sufficient quantity of different organic matter (such as rice bran, fish meal, animal waste etc) equivalent to 150 liter drum volume.
  • Mix 150gm of jaggary and 50 ml of Enriched Microorganisms(will be available in shops) in 15 lit of water.
  • Mix this solution with organic waste thoroughly in such a way that entire contents get uniformly moistened.
  • Grind 2.3 kg of fresh green weeds to a coarse paste. Dilute with 14 lit of water.
  • Dissolve 42 gm of jaggary in some water and mix with weed suspension.
  • Add 420ml of Enriched Microorganisms
  • Transfer the contents to a plastic drum and with the help of a thick plastic sheet
  • Transfer the contents in a plastic bag and seal the bag.
  • To ensure the anaerobic conditions put this bag into another polythene bag and seal
  • Allow the contents to ferment for 3-4 days in a cool shade place
  • Bokashi will be ready after 4 days.
  • This can be used immediately.
  • In plastic air tight bags Bokashi can be stored up to 6 months.


Bokashi can be used directly as compost in poor fertility soils.

  • It can also be used along with the crop residues.
  • For 0.1 ha mix 100-150 kg Bokashi with sufficient quantity of finely chopped crop residue.
  • Spread this mixture over 0.1 ha area and mixed with soil a day before sowing.
  • Spraying of 5-10 lit of 1:500 diluted simple EM-solution over this mixture can further boost the degradation process.
  • By using Bokashi+crop residue+ EM-solution the requirement of compost can be dispensed with.
  • This can save lot of labour, time and space required for compost process.

Application of EM formulations at the time of land preparation

  • Dilute 5-10 lit of simple EM solution in 50-100 lit of water and sprinkle/spray over 0.1 ha of land when soil is wet a day before sowing.
For seed treatment
  • Soak seeds for 5-6 hrs in 1 : 100 fold diluted EM solution and sow immediately.
As foliar/ soil spray
  • After seedling emergence, 1 : 1000 diluted EM solution or FPE should be sprayed at the rate of 500 lit per ha, 4-5 times at an interval of 7-10 days.
  • In fast growing crops such as vegetables, spraying should be done twice a week.
  • In transplanted crops 1 : 500 diluted FPE can be sprayed after 5 days of transplanting @ 750-1000 lit per ha.
For soil enrichment
  • For every 0.1 ha mix 100-150 kg Bokashi with crop residue and mix with soil just before sowing.
  • Simple EM solution @ 5-10 lit can also be used as spray over this residue- Bokashi mix.
  • Spraying the soil with 5-10 lit of FPE mixed in 500-1000 lit of water per ha also add to the fertility of the soil.
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