Extended Thirami (ET)

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Extended Thirami is a growth enhancer solution.
  • It is also used for pest control.
  •  20 liters potable water free from chlorine
  • 1 kg jaggery
  • 1 liter thirami stock solution(available in shops ).
  • Mix these in a plastic drum and fill twenty one-liter plastic jars with this mixture.
  • Tighten the bottle caps.  Keep for 7-10 days for multiplication of the various microorganisms.
  • Methane gas forms in each bottle.
  • On the first or second day unscrew the cap to release the gas and close it tightly again.
  • Repeat this as often as necessary.
  • Each unopened bottle’s contents may be kept for use up to 3-4 months.
  • Mix 5-10 liters of ET solution in 100 liters water for spraying.
  • This promotes plant growth and controls pests.
  • It may also be used in composting at the rate of 1 liter per 100 liters water to increase the rate of breakdown of crop residues.
  • ET may be used in irrigation at the rate of 3-6 liters per acre.

Thirami-Treated Cow Urine

  •  5 liters cow urine
  •  250 grams Jaggery
  •  250 ml ET solution.
  • Mix all and let ferment for 7-10 days.
  • Use within 30 days.
  • For spraying:
  • Mix 3-5 ml in one liter water.
  • For irrigation:
  • 20-30 liters per acre. This controls pests and diseases

Thirami-Fermented Plant Extract (TFPE) for Rectifying Micro nutrient Deficiency


Collect tender leaves of the following: We have selected below list based on the Siddha and Ayurveda systems of medicine.

  • Tamarind or vAdhanArAyaNan (source of zinc)
  • AvArai, hibiscus, or AvallArai (copper)
  • Curry leaf, Drumstick leaf, or any other leafy greens (iron)
  • Erukku (boron)
  • All types of flowers (molybdenum)
  • Thuththi (calcium)
  • Gingelly or Mustard plants (sulphur)
  •  Ladies Finger plant (iodine)
  • Lantana camara, Casurina, or Bamboo (silica)
  • Neyveli kAttAmaNakku (ipomea) (mercury)
  • Glyricidia (nitrogen)
  • Thulasi, Nochchi, Neem, Aloevera( to build resistance to fungal, bacterial, and powdery mildew diseases).
  • Collect 5 kg leaves and plants from the above list.
  • Choose any combination depending on micro nutrient deficiency of the crops.
  • Chop into small pieces and crush.
  • Add 250Gms Jaggery in ten liters water.
  • Add 250-300 ml ET.
  • Set aside the mixture for 7-10 days for fermentation.  This provides ten liters solution.
  • Use within 90 days. 
  • Spray:  5-10% solution. 
  • Irrigation:  10-20 liters per acre.
  • Using EMFPE with other growth promoters as prophylactic measures solves all problems for any crop:
  • (a) rectifies micronutrient deficiency
  • (b) acts as pest repellent
  • (c) prevents pests from feeding and
  • (d) induces disease resistance

Extended thirami-5 (ET5)

  • Since it contains five items, it is named ET5.
  • 100 ml organic vinegar
  • 100 ml ET
  • 100 grams jaggery
  • 100 ml brandy
  • 600 ml water, for a total of one liter.
  • Mix all and let ferment for 7-10 days.
  • Use within 30 days.
  • Spray 2-5 ml per liter of water along with any of the growth promoters.
  • In case of severe infection use 10 ml per liter of water.
  • Controls fungal bacterial and powdery mildew diseases.

How to Prepare Organic Vinegar

Use one of the following methods (taught to us by Dr. L. Narayana Reddy): 

  • Add 500 Grams Jaggery to 1 liter tender coconut
  • And store in a container for a minimum of 15 days
  • Mix 8 numbers rotten banana
  • 200 gms Jaggery and
  • A small quantity of water
  • Bring it to a semisolid form
  • Add water to make it two (2) liters
  • Keep it for a minimum of 15 days.
  • Vinegar may be kept for a long time.
  • With each passing day the quality improves due to fermentation.
  • The older it is the more effective it will be in ET5 preparation.
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