Fish Extract (Fish Amino Acid)

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What is Fish Extract

Fish extract helps us give green manure.


  1. 1 Kg Native Fish,
  2. 1 Kg Jaggery.


  • Take broad-mouthed glass jar (best) or plastic jar that is just the right size (not too big), cover the jar with the lid (cap)
  • Remove the fish intestines and chop into fine pieces. (Using intestines is not harmful but it smells bad).
  • Powder the Jaggery
  • Put Fish and Jaggery to Jar. Shake it to mix properly.
  • Don’t add water.
  • In thirty days this will be fermented.
  • Filter it using nylon mesh to get 300-500 ml solution changed into honey-like syrup.
  • This is a great nutrient for the plants.


  • Add 5 ml of this with one liter water for spraying.
  • It can also be mixed with irrigation water (but it should be used in bulk minimum 5 kg of fish and 5 kg Jaggery).
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