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What is Jeevamrutha

Jeevamrutha is an organic Fertilizer
Jeevamrutha increase Nitrogen and Fertility in the Soil.

Ingredients Required

1. 200 Liter Water

2. 1 kg Jaggery or 4 kg Sugarcane Juice or 10 kg small piece sugarcane piece or 1 kg Sweet Fruit Pulp

3. 10 Kg Cow Dung

4. 5 Liter Cow Urine

5. 1 Kg Besan or Toor Dal or Horse Gram Powder

6. 100 grams Farm’s Soil

When to Prepare

Morning / Evening

How to Prepare

  • Mix all the components.
  • Stir clockwise.


  • Shaded Place. Not expose to Sunlight / Rain.
  • Cover with Cloth

Preparation Time

Keep it for 48 hours. Stir twice in a day

Shelf Life

Maximum 1 week


After 48 hours ready for usage. Can be used for a week.

Per Acre 200 Liter

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