Kavitha Mishra

Kavitha Mishra is a resident of Raichur district, Manvi taluk.

She is fluent in English, Kannada Hindi and totally five languages.

  • She has converted 10 acres of barren land by organic farming and drip irrigation to a piece of heaven.
  • 20 years back she had got a job offer of Rs. 40,000  with Infosys, but she declined it.
  • When she got married and came to her husband’s house, it was a barren land and was barely able to produce half a bag of grains. Now it has become a paradise.

The following trees have been grown in this farm:

  • 2100 sandalwood
  • 1500 pomegranate
  • 90 mango
  • 300 lemon
  • 800 guava
  • 150 jamun
  • 150 gooseberry
  • 150 drumstick
  • 100 curry leaves
  • 100 jasmine
  • 100 coconut
  • 100 custard apple

The other plants grown here include Sweet lime, Sapota, Banana, Matti, Sandalwood, Coffee, Pepper, Turmeric.

Kavitha now lives in a farm house and has live stock from which she generates lakhs of rupees.

Kavitha has made an agreement with KSDL for the sale of sandalwood and red sanders. This is the calculation for sandalwood:

  • One acre should provide 5-6 crores profit.
  • Sandalwood tree should be grown along with other trees and will be ready to cut in 12 – 15 yrs time.
  • 1 kg sandalwood costs 10-15 lakhs. This is the government rate!!
  • As per this calculation, 1 ton should cost 1.6 cr.
  • The minimum yield per acre is 3 to 4 tons.
Theft of Sandalwood is very common.
  • Hence e-Protection has to be done.
  • A microchip is incorporated such that if anyone comes in 2 feet distance, a siren will sound.
  • It can also send a message to the nearest police station informing them about the theft.
  • In spite of all this, if the sandalwood is stolen the microchip will help to trace the exact location of it.
  • Using multi-crop method, income can be generated throughout the year.
  • Crops provide monthly income and trees can be compared to insurance.

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  1. Halesh K, Shimoga. 9686322446

    I want to plant custard apple golden variety 200 nos,and Thai guava. where shall I get the plants. Please name the nursery.

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