Leafminer Insecticide

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Leafminer is a larva of insects that lives on the leaf of plants. They eat leaf tissues for their survival.

Leafminers can be controlled by using the following solution:

Leafminer insect

Table of Contents

  • 1 Kg Leaves of Neem .
  • 1 Kg Leaves of honge(ಹೊಂಗೆ/ಕರಜಾತ in Kannada) (karanjin Hindi) (millettia pinnata) /Indian beech
  •  10 Liters of Desi cow urine
  • 100 Liter Water
  1. Take 1 Kg leaves of Neem and make it into a paste
  2. Take 1 Kg leaves of Honge tree and make it into a paste (you can use mixer grinder)
  3. Take Cow urine and mix it with the paste’s
  4. Mix it thoroughly
  5. Cover the container using a gunny bag and keep it for 4 days for fermentation.
  6. Filter the solution using cloth and mix it with 100 liters of water

Spray the solution in 1 acre

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