Narayana Reddy

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Late Narayana Reddy was a farmer based out of Doddaballapura,Karnataka. He started Agriculture in Varthur.

Late Naryana Reddy started farming using chemical fertilizers, nutrients etc.,  He quadrupled his yield in six years and got award as the best farmer of karnataka in 1978.

But he found out he was losing his money due to input cost. The cost of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and nutrients costing him heavy burden.

He started organic agriculture.  Almost 35 years he continued organic agriculture till his death.  He used to teach people how to grow organically. He had balanced farming with multicrop, tree based design model etc.,

He used to tell farmers should not buy external input for his farm. He  should make own seeds, pesticide, fungicide, fertilizer, nutrients etc.,

Late Narayana Reddy always insist farmers should keep animals like cow, goat, chicken.  These will give secondary income. They also provide fertilizer for the land.  This integrated agriculture is always profitable.

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