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What is Neemastra

Neemastra is Natural Insecticide / Pesticide


  1. 200 Liter water
  2. 10 Liter Cow Urine
  3. 2 Kg Desi Cow Dung
  4. 10 Kg Neem Leaves and Stems

Time to Preparation :

Morning  Or Evening

How to Prepare

  1. Mix all the components. Stir clockwise.
  2. Shaded Place. Not expose to Sunlight / Rain.
  3. Cover with Cloth

Preparation Time:

Keep it for 48 hours. Stir twice in a day


After 48 hours ready for usage.

Quality / Shelf Life

maximum 6 months

Pest Control

Neemastra Control Caterpillar and Sucking Pests

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