Organic Nutrient



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What is Sanjivak: Sanjivak is a organic nutrient used for enriching the soil with microorganisms and quick residue decomposition. Ingredients: Water-300 Liters Jaggery-500 grams Cow… Read More »Sanjivak

Fruit Gaudi

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What is Fruit Gaudi We prepare and use fruit gaudi for enriching soil health and improving the population of microbes and beneficial fungi using fruit… Read More »Fruit Gaudi


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What is Panchakaya: This is a solution that has five products from cow milk, curds, ghee, dung and urine. This solution helps increase the population… Read More »Panchakavya

Gibberellic acid

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Gibberellic acid can also influence the timing of flowering, flower gender, flower size, and number of flowers. Gibberellic acid is sometimes used in laboratory and… Read More »Gibberellic acid


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Earth Worm for Soil Fertility Physical side of the earthworm action The role that earthworms play in soil conditioning and fertility is underrated. The contributions… Read More »Earthworm