Pest Repellents – To control Larva-aterpillar, Leaf Curl Worm, Leaf Roller or Stem Borer

Pest Repellents  Solution: 1


  • Powder one of the following seeds/fruits listed in (a) through (h) below and add to the solution:
  • (a) 1-2 Kg Neem, pongamia pinnata  (Honge /Pungan), or Malabar Neem (malai vembu)
  • (b) 250-500 Gms Chebulic Myrobalan (Alale /Kadukkai)
  • (c) 250-500 Gms Custard apple or  yellow oleander (Karaveera /Thanga arali)
  • (d) 100-500 Gms Nux vomica ( Hemmusti/etti)
  • (e) 1-2 Kg Turkey Berry (Kudanekayi/ sundaikkai)
  • (f) 500-1000 Gms Green chillies 500-1000
  • (g) 5-10 Nos. Bael (bilva) fruit 5-10 numbers
  • (h) 10-20 Nos. Datura Metel fruit (Datura /Umaththai)
  • Prepare the ingredients for the solution in (a).
  • Powder one of the seeds/fruits listed in (b)
  • through (e) and
  • add the ingredients to the solution in (a).
  • Let the entire mixture ferment for 12 hours.

Pest Repellents  Solution: 2

Ingredients :

  • (a) 100 Gms Custard apple seeds
  • (a) 1Kg Indian privet (Kundali gida/Peechangu)
  • (a) 500 Gms Kariyat (Nelaberu/siriyanangai)
  • (a) 500 Gms Malabar Nut (Adusoge /adathodai)
  • (a) 1Kg Yellow oleander (Karaveera/thanga arali) fruit
  • (a) 1Kg Vitex negundo (Lakki/nochchi) or custard apple leaves
  • (a) 1Kg Aloevera
  • (b) 1Kg Tobacco Powder
  • (c) Soil from a termite hill take enough soil to make the whole thing like a paste.
  • Grind into a paste the ingredients in (a)
  • Boil it in about 6 liters water.
  • Add tobacco powder and let ferment for twelve hours.
  • Add tobacco juice and let ferment for 2-3 days.
  • It will acquire a sour taste.
  • Add turmeric powder and enough soil from a termite hill to bring the entire mixture into a paste-like consistency.

Mix 1 kg paste in 100-125 liters water and spray.

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