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Sanjivak- organic nutrient

What is Sanjivak:

Sanjivak is a organic nutrient used for enriching the soil with microorganisms and quick residue decomposition.


  • Water-300 Liters
  • Jaggery-500 grams
  • Cow urine(Gaumutra) 100 liters
  • Cow dung 100 to 200 kg’s


  • Mix 100-200 kg cow dung, 100-lit cow urine and 500 g jaggery in 300 lit of water in a 500 lit closed drum.
  • Keep it in a drum for 10 days for fermentation.
  • It should be diluted with 20 times water


Foiler spay
Drip irrigation

When to spray:

It should be used 3 times.

  1. Before sowing
  2. 20 days after sowing
  3. 45 days after sowing

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