Sapthadhanyankura Kashayam

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What is Sapthadhanyankura Kashayam

Sapthadhanyankura Kashayam is an Organic Fertilizer/Nutrient.
Sapthadhanyankura Kashayam increase immunity for the plants and yield good results.


  1. 100 Grams Sesame seeds and soak it in enough water in a cup. Keep it for 10 hours
  2. 100 Grams Green Moong Dal
  3. 100 Grams Black Urad(blackgram)
  4. 100 mg Lobiya (Black-eyed pea)
  5. 100 Grams Horse Gram Or Kollu
  6. 100 Grams Chana
  7. 100 Grams Wheat
  8. 200 Liter Water
  9. 10 Liter Desi Cow Urine
Time to Preparation

Morning / Evening

How to Prepare
  • 100gm Sesame seeds soak it in enough water in a cup.
  • After 24hrs
  • Mix all the other dals in a Big Bowl. Stir clockwise.
  • Mix them with hand
  • soak it in water overnight
  • Next day drain the dals in a cloth
  • Keep drained water for further process
  • tie and hang it like sprouting.
  • Sesame, and the other lentils sprout for 1 cm
  • take them out of the cloth and grind them using manual Grinder
  • Add Drained water
  • Add grain paste to 200 liter of water
  • Add 10 liter of Cow Urine
  • Stir Clock wise
  • After 2 hours Filter the Solution
  • Shaded Place.
  • Not expose to Sunlight / Rain.
  • Cover with Cloth
Shelf Life/Quality
  • Within 48 hours.
  • No further Dilution of the solution
  • Flowering stage of plants
  • Milking stage of Plants
  • Above solution for 1 acre
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